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A Guide to Boston Terriers and Reasons to Buy One

If you are a dog lover, then one breed of dog that you should get is a Boston Terrier. This is a breed of dogs that have a line from the English Terrier and English bulldog breeds. The Boston Terrier definitely looks like a bulldog but with the small frame of a Terrier. Some characteristics of a Boston Terrier makes them a good pet dog. Here are the reasons why you should get yourself a Boston Terrier.

One of the reasons why you should get a Boston terrier is that they are small and quite easy to maintain. This is ideal for those who live in a small home. Space will not be a problem although you need to take the dog outdoors since Terriers are energetic by nature. You can’t let them stay indoors for long periods of time because they would want to run and play and have fun with you. And since they have short fur that sticks to the skin, then maintenance is not a problem. They are not like those hairy dogs that you need to brush all the time. You can brush your Terrier every now and then.

Boston terriers at are also bred to be a guard dog. Most elderly people will do well to have a Boston terrier since it can keep them safe and be able to assist them. They can help an elderly since they are dogs who only focus on a single person.

Fynn And Friends Boston terriers have expressive, large, bulging eyes that can share emotions with you. Their eyes communicate their feelings. You can see in their eyes that they are sad when you are sad. What a great friend you can have in a Boston Terrier.

Boston Terriers are easy to train. Training them can be fairly easy since they can learn tricks and commands quickly. But there are also Boston terriers that don’t listen well. It will fail its training if your dog is not keen at listening. Giving dog treats is one way to catch their attention but make sure that you don’t give too much of it.

People think that terriers are aggressive dogs. Although some may be aggressive but in general they are really calm and reserved dogs. You can cuddle them because they are small and they are willing to be cuddled as well. You can be happy with them because they are very affectionate. Get into some more facts about dogs at

Consider getting a Boston terrier and if you do then you will have a loving and affectionate dog that is full of energy. Check out a reputable Boston Terrier breeder in your area and find yourself the dog that you want.

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